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Weddings &
Special Events

When planning a wedding or other special event, the parking accommodations for your guests are important and sometimes overlooked. Whether there is a lack of parking or you would just like to add a touch of sophistication, an affordable professional 5-star parking service will not only eliminate any parking issues, but will offer your guests a touch of class right from the beginning.


Adequate and accessible parking for yourself, your wedding party, and your friends and family is a key factor to a successful event.


No one wants to be circling a parking lot, squeezing into a small parking space, walking a mile in high heels, or leaving their valuable personal property unattended for hours.


Mr. Valet Parking is the solution!


Our skilled team of parking professionals will take 10 parking spots and turn them into 20 or more!  Whether it's a parking lot, or a private street, we have the solution to meet your needs.


From the moment your guests arrive, they will be met with a smile and a warm welcome. This will set the tone for an event to remember. Upon departure, your guests will be left with a positive lasting impression that is sure to have them talking about your fabulous event for years to come!


We specialize in working closely with wedding planners, event planners, caterers, and of course the do it yourselfers.


Contact us today to discuss the parking for your upcoming event!.